Disconnect From Our Body, Intuition, and Our Power

When we don’t move and feel our emotions and feelings, we have on a regular basis it leads to disconnect.

Disconnect from our body, our intuition and from our power.

If you’ve done this or still do…absolutely no judgement, I used to do the same every single day.

Fear, conditioning, big T and little t trauma, all create instances where we shut a part of us away SO WE MAY stay safe, be loved, belong. It is very common.

However, when we shut down our feelings and our emotions, we shut down other part of us at the same time and by doing so, we limit ourselves and our ability to thrive in our healthy adult lives.

These emotions and feelings also start to get stuck in us, in our body.

They can create pain, contractions, us “playing it safe”, or lead into self-sabotage and us repeating old patterns over and over.

Our bodies are brilliant.  They want to heal.

Looking back, you probably can identify all the times your body was trying to get your attention, repeating a pattern or behaviour over and over.

If we reconnect to our body, to our emotions and to our feelings on a regular basis you can start to 1. Heal and 2. Integrate and alchemize your past grief, anger, rage into your superpowers.

Your grief, anger and rage does not need to keep you stuck, playing small and safe. It is a part of you, and it wants to be felt, to be seen, acknowledged and loved.

So how do we do this?

  • First, acknowledge it.
  • Then move it through our bodies…literally through movement, dance, stomping, shaking, Jade Egg Release practices are amazing for this!
  • Follow it and track it.
  • Bring pleasure and turn-on into it by touching your body…your arms, legs, belly, breasts…use music and close your eyes and feel into it all.
  • Allow whatever comes up to come up. No judgment.
  • Approve of it all.

And from there you will see that it becomes your superpower. Your fuel.

You reclaim yourself, your power, your feelings…all of them.

It reconnects you back into your body, into your sensuality and your turn-on.

You remember who you are…your purpose and you know, no matter what happens you will be okay.

Reclaim · Reconnect · Remember

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