Coming Home IN Your Body

Have you been turning to books to help you feel better about your body and your s€xuality?

I wish it were so easy.

If that were the case, I would have felt good about my body and my s€xuality way back in my late teens. 

For many humans there are so many layers of conditioning and trauma that simply following book recommendations like speaking up, setting boundaries and asking for what you want, won’t help.

It puts many of us into an unregulated nervous system response. 

Which can create even more layers of numbness, pain, trauma and disconnection, which then pushes us further and further away from what we want. 

When we are regulated, grounded, connected to our body and to our s€xuality, I think then it is a good time for deepening into books and exploration.

Sadly, the majority of us aren’t there yet.

We are so used to living in unregulated states of putting out all the fires, looking for the quick fix and over working to avoid the uncomfortableness of just being with ourselves, that we don’t even see it.

Then we grab a book, or google what we are experiencing, hoping this will be our magic pill.

This is not the answer.

The answer is…coming home IN our bodies.

Getting curious what our body wants us to know. Allowing our bodies to guide us…when to listen, when to play, when to work and when to just be. 

This is why I do what I do.

I deeply desire more conscious, fully expressed humans.

This will change the world, if we slow down, learn to feel our emotions, be in our bodies and learn to how to trust the brilliance that comes from within.

It’s time to reclaim the places we’ve been disempowered, reconnect to our bodies, our s€xuality, heal our heartbreak and shame and remember with unshakable confidence, who we are.

I’d love to know, where are you right now in reconnecting to your body and your s€xuality?

This is a judgement free zone, wherever you are at, is all welcome.

I’m here to support and cheer you on.