Are You Skipping Over This Very Important Piece?

The majority of us were not taught how to have a thriving s€xuality or how to feel good in our body.

Our s€xuality has been something we’ve navigated on our own, mainly by trial and error

Our own bodies and our own pleasure had been skipped over as too taboo, save for marriage or let your partner teach you.

Which leaves many of us feeling broken, not quite up to par or like there is something wrong with us.

Our body is sacred.

Our pleasure is sacred.⠀⠀

Our connection to self is sacred.

The majority of us are skipping over this very important piece of being s€xually empowered, that allows us to thrive in life and in our relationships.⠀

Are you skipping over this very important piece? If so, ask yourself why. Let me know know down in the comments, or if you want to be discreet, msg me to talk more.