Are You Putting Yourself First?

One of the biggest frustrations I hear from women, is that they don’t have time to themselves, time to be, to relax, time to have fun and play in their pleasure.

They struggle with putting themselves first.

They have good intentions. 

But every night, they are frustrated that it didn’t happen.

Everyone and everything else takes up their day and when they get to the end of the day, they are tired, frustrated and depleted.

So, I have designed Own Your O specifically to help you with this with a weekly scheduled pleasure dedicated call just for this. 

One 75 min call where you get to focus on you and your pleasure.

Plus, you receive the recorded audio in your library of practices you can return to over and over.

Early Bird is ON and it’s time to saaaave!!

3 Options to choose from and save 150 now.

* 444 pif

* 2 payments of 248 or

* 3 payments of 188

But, only till Thursday Feb 10th!!
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