Are You Hiding Yourself?

Have you been stuffing your authentic self under the rug??

Hiding YOU in order to fit in.

Hiding YOU to be the good woman/friend/wife/mom.

Coz, goddess forbid you do something “wrong”, “not good girl like” and another woman thinks what you are doing is “not okay” and you are talked about amongst your friends, acquaintances or mother in-law.

This trying to fit in, starts when we are so young, before we leave middle school…it is no wonder we are still following this judgemental conditioning as full ass grown women.

So, what do we do?

We come back into ourselves.

We reconnect and become intimate with WHO WE ARE…who we REALLY are.

We reconnect to our body.

We start celebrating ourselves.

We start exploring our desires.

We unpack our conditioning that lies on top of all of it.

We heal.

What end results do we get?

We stop judging ourselves.

We stop caring what others think.

We start LOVING who we are.

We see the beauty in our bodies.

We go after our desires and can’t believe how AMAZING our life is.

We start LOVING our lives and attracting everything we desire.

We feel calm, confident, in our power and SEXY AF.

It’s pretty damn amazing and if your brain is f**king with you right now, telling you it’s not possible. Say to brain…thank you, I see you AND YES, it is.

Use me as evidence if you have to.

Then reach out and let’s talk.

I have 2 spots open right now for private one-on-one coaching.

If you are curious what it would look like to work together, book a free call with me.

This is a private 45-minute call, where you can feel totally safe to say all the things, allow all of your emotions to come up, be supported, I’ll let you know the next 3 steps I think you should take to achieve your desires and then you get to the end of the call and you can even say “No” to coaching with me.

Coz you can. Your “No” is totally safe with me.

Book your call with me here

Totally no pressure…that is NOT my thing…and if we are not a fit…no problem!

At the very least you will leave with clarity around your desires and be closer to making them your reality.