I’ve been in this interesting in between stage recently. 

Somewhere between resting and getting ready for expansion.

An expansion I have no plans for or idea of what it is about.

It is more of a feeling. A knowing. A trusting. That it is just around the corner.

Normally this “unease” as I used to call it, would have me anxious AF. Running around trying to figure it all out or numb it out.

But instead, there is a calmness within me that I am exactly where I am supposed to be.

And a nudging reminder to enjoy this resting, nourishing, closing of the summer.

I guess if I could summarize all of how I am feeling right now in one word, it would be: TRUST.

I am so grateful for this trust I have cultivated in my body and in my mind.

It is through reconnecting to me, to my purpose, to my body, to my sensuality that I have been able to grow and nourish this deep trust in myself…even when I have no clue what tomorrow brings.

And this kind of trust has this incredible calmness about it that is soothing to my body and soul.

This is what I teach. This is what I have been studying so intensely for the last 4+ years. Reconnecting to who I am, to who my body is in such an intimate way, that there is no other option than to TRUST.

I have a couple spots open for private coaching right now.

This is for you if you get caught up in cycles of anxiety and doubt.

This is for you if you feel totally disconnected from your body and the thought of even looking at the sensuality piece makes you nervous.

This is for you if you are tired of feeling tired and going at it alone instead you would like to start your next season feeling stronger, empowered, knowing who you are, knowing exactly what you want and having the confidence to stand behind it and ask for what you desire.

6 months private coaching where we can go deeper together. I’ll help you take the places in your life where things could be better, or you desire something else and I’ll teach you the tools it takes to see deep lasting change.

Hop on a free call with me!

This is a private 45-minute call with me where you can feel totally safe to say all the things, express all your emotions, be supported, I’ll tell you what the next 3 steps you should take are to achieve your desires and then you get to the end of the call and you can even say “No” to coaching with me.

Coz you can.  Your “No” is totally safe with me.

Link is in bio to book your free call.