Pushing Ourselves too Hard?

Someone told me once “Being an adult is just saying ‘but after this week everything should slow down a bit’…over and over until you die” 

At first, I laughed and thought – how true. 

But now I wonder. 

Why do we push ourselves so hard? 

Why do we jump from task-to-task, hour after hour, sometimes barely stopping to have lunch? 

Why do we let ourselves stay in this cycle of exhaustion? 

I don’t know about you, but that isn’t how I want to live. 

Wouldn’t you rather have…

✨ slow mornings where you trust that you will get done what you need to that day

✨ daily pleasure that allows you to tackle your “to-do” list with ease

✨ silence that give you space to think and to be

✨ work that you enjoy, and you kick a$$ at because you follow your intuition

✨ time to rest without an agenda and really be present in the moment

✨ difficult convo’s with people where you feel regulated, grounded and trust your body

✨ steamy, fun playdates with your partner {or yourself} in the middle of the day that allow you to have a more productive workday

I know I do. 

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