Show Up For Yourself

I know the last couple years have been very hard for very many people.

Many have been in survival mode, just trying to get by and that is perfectly okay.

It was tough and I threw every single tool I could at it to hold myself, my body and my nervous system every single day.

Wherever you’ve been at with your self-care, embodiment, and life…it’s time for an up-level.

It’s time for a new season.

A time like ‘spring’, where the flowers are poking out of the ground, it’s bright, crips, airy, electric, alive and free.

There is a buildup of expansion, pleasure & fun…summer is on its way!

Every single human NEEDS this ‘spring’ in their life right now.

It’s time to refill our tanks…and keep them full.

And embodiment, centering ourselves, and sacred pleasure is a HUGE key.

This is why I first created the Sexy-Back Salon Series in January 2021 and why it morphed into the Sacred Pleasure Membership this spring.

We just started the 2nd month…and I WANT YOU in here!

I don’t care if you show up exhausted in your pjs, soaking in the bath, chilling in the back yard…or not at all…and you simply watch the recordings.

I just invite you to show up!

Show up for yourself.

For your pleasure.

For your wellbeing.

For your sensuality.

For your juice and spark that makes you want to dance through your day.

Coz, I promise it is still in there, even if you haven’t seen her in a while.

In Sacred Pleasure, you get 2 Live {and recorded} Workshops each month where we’ll explore how to reconnect to your body, how to activate more pleasure, release body shame, step into your unapologetic power, and learn how to listen to and trust your body.

With coaching and integration to help you go deeper and remove the obstacles that are getting in the way of reclaiming your sacred pleasure and unshakeable confidence.

Plus, journaling prompts, additional sacred pleasure practices, meditations, rituals and tools you can use to explore each topic further, uncover old beliefs, heal your connection with your body, and uncover your truth.

All of which you can return to over and over throughout the month to ground your nervous system, to reconnect you to your body, turn you ON, and leave you feeling sexy, empowered, alive and free!

I know you’ve been watching…it’s time to save your spot.