What is Sacred Sensuality?

What is Sacred Sensuality?

Sacred Sensuality is a practice that is part of the ancient spiritual path known as tantra.

It can be practiced solo or as a couple.

It is a beautiful way to connect with your body, your sensuality and your pleasure, allowing you to access deeper levels of your feelings, sensations, and energies and ultimately go beyond WHO YOU ARE.

The Tantric path is acknowledging the depth of who you are and integrating yourself, so you are in greater alignment and remember who you REALLY are.

However, you aren’t focused on “fixing” yourself because there isn’t anything wrong with you.

Instead, you are focused on loving and accepting all parts of yourself and going deeper, following your pleasure and allowing it all to bring things naturally into alignment.

The practices are incredible at helping release shame, trauma, and blockages around your body, your pleasure, being your authentic self, asking for what you want, your “enoughness” and your too muchness…and so much more.

These practices restore the transformative power of your energy, your unapologetic energy and lead you to up-level how you feel pleasure, turn-on, joy and passion more intensely within your body.

This is for couples and singles who want holistic deeper sensuality and energy practices to take them on an exquisite adventure where sensuality also becomes a door to the divine, creating a more connected experience of the present moment.

All of my coaching includes sacred practices, breathwork, visualization, embodiment work…it really is an incredible holistic practice that so many benefit immensely from.

Couple of options to experience this…Sexy-Back Salon Series is my free monthly workshop where we dive into a mini masterclass, some journaling and a pleasure practice…each month is different.

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