Speak Up So You Can Heal

I never had a negative thought about my body until I was s€xually assaulted.

I was 14 and I woke up in the middle of the night to my stepfather s€xually assaulting me.

The worst part was my mother betraying me a few hours later denying it ever happened.

All of this led to me numbing out, hiding and disconnecting from my life and from my body.

I get it now, my body needed to do this to stay safe.

See, our subconscious needs to feel like we are safe, loved and like we belong.

If not, we will do anything we need to in order to survive…and I needed to survive.

I know I am not alone with my story.

The silence needs to stop. It is time to heal.

It took me 27 years to reclaim me.

To find my voice.

To speak up {for the 2nd time after being betrayed}

To share this with the world and say, “This happened, and it is NOT okay!”

Something needs to change because I don’t want to hear about another woman waiting any amount of time to speak up and to heal.

The disconnection from myself…the disconnection most women carry is so unhealthy and it impacts our entire life.

It impacts our relationships, our friendships, how we show up, how we raise our kids, in our careers, our level of burnout and our degree of martyrdom.

It leaves us hiding, staying small to stay “safe”, not speaking up and using our voices, being afraid to create boundaries, not to mention how uncomfortable we all are with our bodies.

You are never too old to reclaim your body and to heal.

It is time to change the paradigm.

It is time to become embodied.

It is time to learn how to trust and love our bodies.

It is time to reclaim our life.

I have reclaimed mine, allow me to show you how to reclaim yours.

If you are curious what 1:1 private coaching would look like…book yourself a free call.

This is a private 45-minute call with me where you can feel totally safe to say all the things, express all your emotions, be supported, I tell you exactly the next 3 steps I think you should take to achieve your desires and then you get to the end of the call and you can even say “No” to coaching with me.

Coz you can.  Your “No” is totally safe with me.

Absolutely no pressure, it is more about what do you need right now to make your desires your reality.