Scared to say “YES”

Have you ever said NO, because you were scared to say YES to something you know you needed & wanted to do?

Sit with that for a moment. Interesting isn’t it?

We say NO, even though we know we want & need to do it.

Frequently, when we desire to do something big, our brains immediate reaction is to make excuses of why we can’t.

Don’t judge yourself harshly for this.  It is just how it is.

Our brains are constantly working to protect us and keep us safe. Our brains view almost ALL change as Scary!

It is up to us to do the work on ourselves & breakdown exactly what our mind is doing & see where it is holding us back.

So, you may be asking how do I even get going if my brain is fighting against me?

Answer: You just trust original feeling & say YES.

I promise, it gets way easier from there.

The hardest part is leaning into your Resistance.

I invite you to Lean into your Resistance…because that is where the magic happens.

It really is!

Serious Sh🔥t happens when you lean in…I know it’s scary, but trust yourself!

As soon as you do, you will see for yourself how quickly everything comes together.


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