Podcast: When Libidos Don’t Match Up

New Podacst ~ When Libidos Don’t Match Up

~ with guest Sheila Ramsay

This episode is soooo good and packed with tons of great info on “turn-on”, how much is too much, vs not enough, how to identify where there might be an issue, and what reconnecting to your s€xuality and turn-on can do for you!!

Plus so  much more!!

We talk about…

* What results you can expect when you learn to live in your body

* Normalizing turn-on, s€x and our desires

* Disconnection from our bodies & from our s€xuality as a collective whole

* S€xual shame & s€xual healing from trauma and societal conditioning

* How we can heal individually and as a collective

* Noticing what you feel in your body and tracking it

* Regulating your nervous system so we can handle hard things in life

* Grounding in your body

* P*rn Addiction and the various nuances

* S€x Addiction; is there such a thing?? How to identify where there might be an issue

Listen here…

Apple: https://zcu.io/rqIq

Spotify: https://zcu.io/308M

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