Podcast: The Consequential Impact of Sex Negativity

New Episode – The Consequential Impact of Sex Negativity

~with guest April Filiczkowski

In this episode April and Kim discuss the huge consequences that result from s€x negativity and how you can come home into yourself, your truth, your purpose and WHO YOU ARE by reconnecting with your body and with your s€xuality, resulting in a much happier, satisfying, intimate, pleasure filled, joyful life where you aren’t angry, resentful, frustrated, resentful, or stuck going through the motions.

We talk about…

·      The importance of s€x positivity in our formative years and beyond

·      How s€x positivity informs our choices and our behaviours as teens, adults and beyond

·      The things you were never told about s€x and the impact it has on your worthiness, your relationships and how you show up in the world

·      The impact of a cautionary s€x education

·      Martyrdom that comes with being a wife and a mom

·      Holding boundaries and asking for what you want

·      S€xual Sovereignty and owning our truth and WHO WE ARE

·      The thoughts of “there has to be more” so many of us feel

·      Sl^t Shaming, shame and fear around our bodies

·      Open communication and speaking with your kids

·      S€xual Empowerment, honouring our bodies and the incredible change that empowerment can create in your day-to-day life.

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