Podcast: P*ssy Talk ~ Vulvalicious!

New Episode – P*ssy Talk ~ Vulvalicious!

~with guest Melody Kiersz

Opening that door and that portal to connecting with your p*ssy and everything that means!

In this episode Kim & Melody discuss…

* The conditioning we face around our body and the power of the words that are used

* How to reclaim our body and ALL the parts that we own

* How to embrace the parts of us that we’ve been conditioned to hide and disconnect from…our emotions, our sensuality, our truth

* How by connecting to our body we can connect to our purpose and our authentic self

* How to use p*ssy to come home in your body

* How it is all contributes to play and fully enjoying life

* What your inner healing journey can look like

* Learning how to love every single part of you

* The numerous ways we hurt ourselves by the disconnection we hold from our bodies

* How to identify the disconnection and know when there maybe something there for you

* What it means to allow p*ssy to run the show, aka your life and how to get started

Get all the details here – https://getyoursexyback.ca/own-your-o/

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