Podcast: How Your Body Talks to YOU

New Episode Badass Bitches Podcast ~ How Your Body Talks to YOU

In this episode Kim and Carrie dive into how your body talks to you, why you should even listen, and Kim even gives everyone the juiciest homework that will reconnect to your body and allow you to activate and unleash your full unapologetic power!!

Kim has a couple of private coaching spots open right now!

If you would like to…

💃 Reconnect to your body

💃 Get out of your head and into your body

💃 Start asking for what you want in and out of the bedroom

💃 Fall in love with your body…no matter what the scale says

💃 Feel sexy AF in your body

while cultivating deep trust in your body…then let’s talk!

I offer free calls to learn more about private 1:1 coaching. Message me or click the link in the show notes.

This is for single women and for women who are in a relationship!

This is for women who avoid intimacy with their partners, coz that might mean “let’s get it on” and it’s not that they aren’t in the mood, but it just isn’t fun for them.

This is for women who hide sexy novels in their nightside table but won’t dare tell their partner what turns them on or how they’d like to be touched.

This is for women who haven’t looked in their lingerie drawer for years and are wearing old t-shirts to bed.

Message Kim for all the details…absolutely no pressure, it’s not the way she works.

At the very minimum you will leave feeling grounded and connected to your desires and have so much clarity around what is next for you.

Listen here…

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Thank you XoXo

Carrie & Kim