Podcast: From Stuck to Thriving

New Episode – From Stuck to Thriving 

In this episode Kim discusses the different facets of moving from stuck to thriving, how to go about it and why you want to incorporate all the areas of your life at once to get where you want to go, faster.

In this episode Kim discusses…

How to determine what your fears are telling you quickly so you can make confident decisions

What to do you when you don’t trust your decisions, or you wobble back and forth or even have a hard time making decisions

How to handle hard “No’s” and fears that you may have, plus how to decipher what they are really telling you

What your body and sensuality have in common with your business/career and why these key areas can’t be left out

Doubt and indecision and how to move though it with ease and pleasure to make empowered decisions that feel amazing!

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