Pillar #1 of my Sexy-Back Approach

Sensuality is pillar #1 of Sexy Sh{it} in my Sexy-Back Approach.

Sensuality to me is how I feel in my body as the result of slowing down, embodiment practices, pleasure practices & sexy self-care.

I can feel sensual when I enjoy soft flowy fabrics on my skin, slow down and enjoy my food…how it feels and how it tastes, feeling luscious body butter melting on my skin after bath or the way I move my body.

The way I feel when I move my body to music I’m a sexy fun song.

The definition of Sensuality: enjoyment, expression, the pursuit of physical, especially sexual, pleasure

Sensuality is all in how we feel.

It takes practice to live sensually on a daily basis.

Some would say it’s a frivolous time waster.

However, I have seen firsthand how incredible the benefits are!
The benefits are real.

Everything is so much richer with depth when you practice this daily dose of sensuality…your job, your relationships, your mothering & everything else gets to be so much more enjoyable and meaningful.

For sensuality to be experienced you need to s.l.o.w.  d.o.w.n.

You feel.  You breathe.  You live.  And you enjoy!

You can…
Taste your delicious food as it touches your mouth
Feel the fork on your lips
Allow the sip of your coffee savor on your tongue
Sway your hips to daily dance break in the office
Smell the roses or denseness in the air after a rain
Listen to your body for what it wants
Only wear clothes that you love & enjoy the feel of on your skin
Bring your hands to your body feel the contact of your own hand

You embrace your sensuality when you stop going to the motions, allow yourself to become present, curious & alive in your day-to-day.

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