Numb in My Emotions

I used to be so burnt out, exhausted, depressed, frustrated and I felt numb in my emotions and in my body.

I overworked, fed off the adrenaline rush, ran around with a smile on my face and pretended everything was great!!

This went on for 20+ years.

I tried everything to feel better.

Every couple of months, I’d be likeβ€¦β€œThis is it! I know what I need to do!”

I’ll lose weight…

I’ll work out more…

I’ll go on a cleanse…

I’ll take out ____{fill in the blank}

I’ll read this great book everyone is talking about…

But I always came back to, β€œit’s not working, nothing will work for me…something must be wrong with me” and cycle back into months of pushing my emotions down and hiding how I really felt with the world.

And it never worked.

I’d lose weight, feel better with my newly toned muscles and read tons of β€œhow to books”. But, it never helped me.

Something was still missing.

After 20+ years I finally found what I was looking for.

Sacred S€xuality


Learning how to embrace my emotions

How to feel all of them

And how to feel safe doing so!

This is what I am teaching in my Sexy-Back Jade Egg program.

We started last week! It’s not too late to join us.