It Is Part of You

Do you listen to your body?

Do you ask her what she wants?

What she doesn’t want?

Even take a moment right now…close your eyes and ask her?

Notice what comes up.

Notice what you feel.

Do you hear anything, feel sensations, pressure, numbness?

Go ahead…close your eyes and listen…I’ll be here when you come back.

Women have been the most disempowered through their s€xuality and as a result we have disconnected from our bodies.

Many women feel numb, pain or are in a flight, fight or freeze response a lot of their day.

So, I invite you to slow down, check in and notice what comes up for you today.

It is totally okay if you feel nothing right now.

But I want you to know, that can change. There is another way.

I have found that the fastest way through, reconnecting through the muck, society and conditioning has taught us…is by RECONNECTING to yourself, your body and your s€xuality.

We have been conditioned to create this disconnect through the “should’s”, religion, conditioning and centuries of fear.

This disconnect leaves us feeling like we are broken somehow, and we are never good enough.

That is also why your s€xuality can’t be left out.


The solution…to RECONNECT.

To do this, we must reconnect to ALL of you…including your s€xuality.

Stop leaving it for “one day”.

The time is now.

I have 2 spots open for private coaching right now…is one of them yours?

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