I used to feel numb

I used to be totally numb to even what I desired.

I think I spent too many years telling myself that I didn’t deserve it or I wasn’t “good enough” to have what I wanted.

And that eventually led me to completely numb out with what I desired.

When I say desires, these can be…

Receiving help around the house

💫 Time to go do things you love

💫 Quiet time

💫 Courses, Arts, Reading, Writing

💫 Girlfriend weekends

💫 Saying no to cooking every single night

💫 Not taking everything on yourself…getting help

💫 Trips, Jewelry, Clothing

💫 A weekend to yourself

💫 Space & time to simply up level yourself

💫 More intimacy & connection

Then there are the feeling desires…

💕 Feeling loved

💕 Feeling safe

💕 Feeling alive

💕 Feeling sensual

💕 Feeling free

💕 Feeling like you belong

💕 Feeling like you are really understood, accepted & loved for Who You Are

I used to think that taking care of the kids, their sports, school, doctors appts, haircuts, clothes, meals, homework, cleaning etc. WAS ALL MINE TO DO.

This led to exhaustion, resentment & burnout. Ultimately I was miserable & then guilty for having so much & yet not being happy about it all.

It made me think that there must be something wrong with me…there had to be…since I wasn’t happy.

This led to me isolating even more, not connecting intimately or truthfully with my husband, friends & made me very short tempered & angry.

I tell you this so you can recognize where you are at.

Do you know what you desire?

Do you believe you will receive all of your desires?

Or are you stuck numbing out in the cycle of not knowing what you even want & not thinking you are worthy of getting what you want?

These are all areas that I dive into with every free coaching call I offer.

If you have a feeling that maybe we should talk…listen to it & schedule yourself a free call.

By the end of the call you will have a much better idea of what it is you truly desire.