Before…I was super SCARED

Before I started on my journey doing this work, living in pleasure, turning-on & living a p❤️ssy based life…

I was super SCARED.

What will others think.

What if this isn’t for me.

What if I don’t fit in.

What if I am crazy to even want to do this work.

What if there is something wrong with me.

I was also worried about not having enough time.

Would I be able to commit.

Would I do the work.

What if I got bored.

What if the kids took over & I couldn’t get time to even think.

Then, I was worried about money & how I was going to pay for it.

What if I couldn’t pay for it.

What if I missed a payment.

And finally…What if it doesn’t work for me.

What if it works for everyone else, but NOT for me.

I am here to say…NONE of these things were true.

This was simply my resistance & my brain being super scared of change.

My brain was lying to me.

It was trying to protect me from what it didn’t know.

But instead it was keeping me small.

And keeping me unhappy.

I did fit in. I am in an incredible community with TONS of like-minded women. I healed many wounds. I am NOT crazy. There is NOTHING wrong with me. AND this work is SO DAMN POWERFUL.

I always find time for me & I have learned how to make even more time, so I don’t get stressed & frustrated anymore.

I now see the importance of making me a priority & my family thanks me for it.

I always do the work. I saw HUGE shifts almost immediately.

Within 4 hours I knew I wanted a tattoo to signify the incredible shift I was already having.

I have always been able to pay my bills, it always works out…somehow, someway (and I have done 16 EXTENSIVE programs, courses, certifications & coaching in the last 4 years).

I can’t even count the hours I have put in, maybe one day I will.

This work has CHANGED MY LIFE…And it can CHANGE YOURS TOO.

I have 2 spots left in my Private Coaching.  That’s it till 2021.

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