Human Design

In Human Design 70% of us have a defined sacral, which means we should literally be making decisions for ourselves, our relationships and for our biz/career from our sacral aka our {p❤️ssy}!!

If you haven’t heard of human design yet, here is the quick summary:

It uses our birth time, the moment we came into this world, as well as astrology, the chakra system, I Ching, the Kabbalah, and quantum physics to give us our own unique body graph.

But there is SO much more to just looking up your chart.

And it aligns perfectly with everything I’ve been studying, knowing, trusting and teaching for years!!

I hear from so many women that they kinda know about their sacral being their superpower, but they don’t know what it means, how to implement it and how to get around the conditioning they have that is holding them back.

I’m not surprised!

Our s€xuality has been shamed, condemned, pushed down, and put away for thousands of years. It has been built up with fear, taught as scary, wrong and then, not to be talked about again.

If you want to reclaim who you are and step fully into your power without blocks, fears, limiting beliefs, and conditioning holding you back…reconnecting to your body, sacral {your p❤️ssy} and your s€xuality is the way through.

Grab one of these intensives with me and I’ll show you how you can get out of your head, stop doubting your decisions, know when to say YES {when to say NO} and how to drop into your body and know exactly what the next right step is for you.

No doubts…full knowing.

Imagine how much easier it would be!!
I have five of these intensives available, grab yours here before they’re gone!