How does coaching with Kim work?

There are many different coaching styles out there, I thought I would explain more about how I work.

I Support & Partner with you to taking a stand for YOUR desires, while getting to the root of what is holding you back.

Providing embodiment tools, made for you practices & guidance helping you release AND clear what’s in your way.

Uncover, what’s stopping you from your desires while taking action towards them at the same time.

I promise TONS of accountability for you to show up.

All of this supports you to achieve YOUR Desires Faster…. AND so many other of your additional desires along the way.

You will see a ripple effect with this work, moving through all of the areas of your life. Your finances, your relationship with yourself, your relationship with your family, your career, your attraction on the whole and so much more.

Common desires my clients have:

πŸ”₯ More connection or intimacy in a relationship
πŸ”₯ Find a partner
πŸ”₯ More sex/Better sex
πŸ”₯ Feel more love in my life
πŸ”₯ Feel grounded, balanced & alive
πŸ”₯ To not doubt myself
πŸ”₯ Feel relaxed, calm and not so overwhelmed
πŸ”₯ Stop going through the motions & be present in my life
πŸ”₯ I want to Unleash my femininity & sensuality
πŸ”₯ Attract more abundance in my life or in my business
πŸ”₯ Stop the inner critic
πŸ”₯ Stop feeling so exhausted & frustrated
πŸ”₯ Stop pretending like everything is okay
πŸ”₯ Stop the guilt
πŸ”₯ Take my life back
πŸ”₯ Turn-on & FEEL juicy!

Or simply uncover what you do desire and be willing to go there with you. You are not alone if you have no clue what you want, you just know you don’t have it now.


If you have that feeling that we need to talk, trust it & schedule a free discovery call with me.

My One-on-One Private Coaching spots are open, but I only have 4 spots & I know they will go FAST. Plus prices increase July 6th…so don’t wait.

Schedule your call with me here.

No pressure, let’s just chat and see if we are a good fit. Plus you will have a way better idea of what it is you REALLY desire by the end of the call.