How do you show up for yourself?

Do you make time for yourself each day to reconnect and ground?

Do you lean into pleasure? Do you have daily rituals & practices?

I know it is not easy to stay in the habit of doing “what we know we need to do”.

We are so busy running around in our crazy filled to the brim lives that we often put things we want to do or “should” do for ourselves on the back burner.

(just look at all the things you said you would do while in quarantine…did you?)

I know I used to put myself on the back burner.

However, what I found over time, was life got heavy & busier and before I knew it, I was comfortable with life THAT chaotic.

That means I am doing well right?

Truth…I was NOT well.

Stress was not even something I recognized, I was used to it!
Pleasure was something I didn’t turn to.
Intimacy, who has time for that?

All that did was BURN me OUT.

What if I told you, Pleasure is your SUPER POWER.

A super power that will allow you to do MORE while doing LESS.

Pleasure is the first thing we will go into in any program you do with me.

Why? Because even moi (the pleasure Queen) forgets.

PLEASURE IS something we need to make a focus EVERY SINGLE DAY.

This sh!ts hard, when life gets real.

Pleasure comes in many forms & formats…more on this soon.

If you are ready to commit to making yourself a priority, or just want to say YES to ME & have ME make YOU make yourself a priority…
(yes, little brain teaser there)

Then schedule a complimentary, no pressure, discovery call click here.