Healthy Boundary Setting

Are you able to…

➡️ Say NO to something you don’t want to do? Or do you find yourself giving until your stressed out.

➡️ Ask for the last item/cookie/serving of food/drink etc. Or do you feel back & simply say “No thank you”.

➡️ Say NO when you are being asked to do too much? Or do you say “Yeah sure, I can do it”, when you REALLY don’t want to.

➡️ Ask for a raise, ask for a better deal, better hotel room & upgrade? Or do you think “it will just work out, if you keep working hard & be good”.

➡️ Speak up, asking for more space & quiet time to be alone, write, workout or to just be? Or do you dream about the one day when that will hopefully work out.

It is not easy to create boundaries.

And It is extra challenging for many women to enforce them.

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