Choose Yourself First

I know it’s scary to put all your conditioning to one side just to say yes to having a call with me. Let alone consider working with me.

I know it’s a big decision, simply to say yes to yourself.

We are not conditioned to feel good every day.

We are conditioned to sacrifice ourselves, to be up at the crack of dawn, to keep the house clean, do the laundry AND then go to work.

{oh and if you have little ones, as you already are well aware…they are your responsibility too}.

We are conditioned to do everything for everyone.

I am asking you to change a lifetime of conditioning, simply by stepping into coaching with me.

And I know that.

But, from a woman who has been on the other side I want to tell you how incredible it is choosing you.

It doesn’t mean you aren’t choosing your family anymore…it simply means you are choosing you first instead of last.

Honestly, my 15 year old daughter, my 17 & 20 year old sons and my husband of 21 years all benefit MASSIVELY from this work every single day. You can ask any of them and they’ll tell you the same.

The freedom, the aliveness, the inner knowing, the trust and the confidence all comes from this work.

It all comes from saying yes to yourself and doing the inner work.

I got you.

Permission to say yes to yourself and hop on a call with me.

We will do it very gently, lovingly and in a way that is super supportive to you.

So, what is it going to take for you to jump {even blindly if you have to} to choose you?

I’m currently enrolling clients for private coaching. 6 mo container $1400/mo.
Start by saying yes to a call…and let’s talk.