Before vs After

Before working with me, my clients find themselves crazy busy! 

Trying to make sure they get everything done, sorting everything out in their heads, feeling exhausted, and defeated that everything is so hard and that there never is any time left for them.

“I have to do this”
“Oh and I can’t forget that”
“I wonder what I should do about __?”
“Oh shit, I forgot…”
“There is never enough time to do everything”

They find themselves constantly questioning their decisions.

“Is this the right way?”
“Am I doing enough?”
“Am I doing too much?”
“Should I have done that instead?”

And then they are worried about what people will think about the decision they did make.

“What will they think?”
“Oh, I can’t do that!”
“What would people say!?”

This sends them back spiraling to…

“OH MY GOSH, What should I do??”

❤️ When my clients start working with me, they learn how to… ❤️

🙌 Slow down and to breathe

🙌 To feel all of their emotions; everything is welcome

🙌 To connect with their body in all of their decisions

🙌 Get real answers quickly that they feel a full YES with

🙌 Trust themselves & their decisions

🙌 Stop wondering what others think because they know they are aligned with their purpose

🙌 Get more than they ever imagined done, by DOING LESS

🙌 Have WAY more fun doing EVERYTHING

🙌 Feel deep in every bone in their body that they are good…they are great!

🙌 Know that they can handle anything life throws at them

🙌 Think back and wonder how did I ever get anything done before

This is Embodiment…and just one of the 7 pillars I teach.

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