Are You Faking It?

If you are faking it, pushing it, forcing it, chasing it, judging it, settling with it, or wishing it would hurry up…

It’s not going to happen.

Nothing in life wants to be forced or rushed.

Why would your O??

This is NOT being in your power.

{And most likely you are faking, pushing, forcing, chasing, judging, settling, or wishing things would hurry up, in many OTHER areas of your life}

But, when you caress it, play with it, flirt with it, seduce it to play…

O O Ooooo let me tell you!

That is where you start to expand…you start to come {pardon the pun} ALIVE.

That is where you TURN-ON. 

🔥 You own your BODY

🔥 You own your PLEASURE

🔥 You own your POWER

And you own your LIFE

Own Your O = Own Your Power

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