The me too movement unlocked something for me.

Woman after woman after woman told their vulnerable story & in doing so slowly gave me permission over the course of 3 days to allow myself to stand behind my own.

Somehow the unbelievable number of women who had been sexually assaulted & had never told their story before, GAVE ME STRENGTH.

Their transparency gave me strength.

I was petrified, it made me shake to think about how much “trouble” I could get in by simply saying the words “me too” as a 41 year old woman.

You see I did tell my story of being sexually assaulted already 27 years ago to my mother the morning after.

I was 14 1/2, I was confused & honestly, scared shitless.

I was shaken, hurt, destroyed by the deep damage & deep pain this brought into my already challenging childhood.

I remember feeling SO embarrassed to tell my mother. I felt so much shame. And yet I had no words for this terror at the time.

Within a few hours, she didn’t believe me.

My own mother didn’t stand up for me, or protect me.

The me too movement allowed me to start the journey to complete the trauma cycle that started 27 years prior.

The me too movement allowed me to reconnect with myself again.

The part I’d lost, shut down & put away.

It allowed me to heal my women wounds & learn how to be safe with women again…my sisters.

It took me into my journey towards healing my soul, my heart & my body.

It took me into my calling becoming an Empowerment & Sexuality Coach.

The beautiful part of this story is that OTHER women guided MY healing & reconnection with myself and now I get to do the same for others.