Take Your Power Back

Have you ever struggled with having low s€xual drive, unsatisfying org@sms making you feel broken in the bedroom, less of a woman and wish you could feel alive, turned-on, connected to your entire body AND sexy whether you are with a partner or not?

Do you avoid s€x as much as possible, do it quickly to get it over with and wish you could have epic mind-blowing full body org@sms, love s€x, your s€xuality and your body?

Do you feel numb in your body, your relationship and life in general?

Then my 6 week Sexy-Back Jade Egg Program is for YOU.

6 weeks of amazing sensual, powerful healing and pleasure filled practices + 6 weeks of group coaching!

It is for every womxn who is ready to take her s€xuality into her own hands.

It is for every womxn who is ready to take her power back.

{even if she is nervous while she says YES}

We just started, it’s not too late to join!

Plus, I need time to ship you a Jade Egg if you don’t already have one.