Take Care of YOU

Want to know what you can do to get your sexy back…for yourself…in your relationship….in your life?

First, take care of you.

Let me repeat that…

Take. Care. Of. You.

Do you have down time, are you taking care of your and filling your cup first?

I know you’ve heard this before, however I see time and time again, womxn not making the time for themselves and running themselves ragged, exhausted, depleted.

Doing things that nourish your body, mind and spirit.

This is not just a saying, we seriously have to take care of all of these pieces in us and it takes some work.

Like making time for…reading, meditating, practices that feel so good to your body, connecting with girlfriends, taking long baths, soaking up the sun, putting your feet in the grass.

And not once a month…daily!

Or do you want to hit me right now with all this pleasure talk?

Taking care of you, is so important and generally the first thing we let slip, when we get busy with work, kids and life.

But…this is the KEY to feeling good in your body, in your life and starting to feel sexy again.