Take Action Towards Your Desires

Is your “good girl” conditioning telling you that you can’t have an “Up-level your pleasure & org@sm” call with me?

Are you secretly wanting one, but then your brain gets in the way telling you of all the reasons why you can’t? Or you shouldn’t?

That’s how our cute little “good girl” brains work.

Trust me, I’ve let my “good girl” conditioning run my life for way too many years. And I was in so deep, that I didn’t see that it was.

Try catching it.
Acknowledging it.
Then give it tons of approval.

“Of course you think that”.
“It makes sense”.

And then take action towards your desires. {even if you are scared}

If you are having the desire, it is aligned with you.

Go for it. Life is too short not to.

There are a couple of free calls left to up-level your pleasure & your org@sms! {and your life}

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