Signs you are in Resistance

Signs you are in Resistance…

πŸ™„ You are too busy…”I have no time.”

πŸ™„ You procrastinate…”I’ll do it later.”

πŸ™„ You are scared into inaction, β€œOMG what if ___.”

πŸ™„ You defer decisions, β€œYou do it.”

πŸ™„ You lose interest β€œThis is boring, it’s not my thing.”

πŸ™„ You feel paralyzed…”I just can’t think, or get going.”

πŸ™„ You find reasons not to act…”I can’t because ___.”

πŸ™„ Your impatient…”This is taking way too long.”

If you experience any of these signs, you are in Resistance.

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