Podcast: Tap into Your Inner Knowing

New Episode with The Badass Bitches Podcast ~ Tap into Your Inner Knowing

With guest ~ Mary Langfield – Energy Alchemist & Intuitive Coach

This episode is all about energy, inner knowing, healing from within!

Mary holds space for ambitious women with an entrepreneurial spirit to unsubscribe from perfection and all its physical, mental, and emotional manifestations; anxiety, digestive issues, self-criticism…She offers 1:1 work as well as group containers. 

These curated experiences are based on simplicity, efficiency, and effectiveness. She specializes in helping women become deeply connected to their own magnificence so they can release not only their need for external validation but reduce their chronic and debilitating complaints. Through these processes, they increase their energy, find more peace and freedom to focus on what’s truly important to them!

Listen here…

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