Partner Reset

Do you and your partner need a little reset?

Do you keep missing each other and feel like the intimacy and connection is not happening as often as you like?

Have you been together for so long that it has gotten quite repetitive and a tad boring in the bedroom?

Is it putting a strain on your relationship?

So many couples have miscommunication in and out of the bedroom.

It is hurting their relationships and creating unnecessary anxiety about their future.

My relationship use to be like this.

It got to the point that my husband and I {now going on 21 years} would allow months and months to go by without being intimate.

When we finally had some downtime, it felt awkward, we were exhausted running our own businesses and raising 3 kids.

It doesn’t have to be this way.  It is time to stop settling and being okay with the same kind of “Roomate” relationship many of us saw our parents or grandparents have.

If you would like to stop going through the motions in your relationship and instead create deeper intimacy, spice up your love life, and open the lines of communication with your partner in a super fun sexy way, we should talk.

My private couples coaching is open for enrollment, book your free call to see how it would look to work together.