No Time?

I have No time!

That used to come out of my mouth too.

I used to think…

I don’t have time for myself, who has time?

There is too much to do!

But who will….?

Someone needs to take care of….?

I used to make all the excuses of why I couldn’t make time for ME, while raising kids, giving my marriage the attention it deserved & balancing my career.

But what that really was, was me not trusting myself.

Me not really thinking I was worth taking time for ME.

Me not leaning in and saying YES.

Me being scared and allowing my brain to call the shots, even though my body was begging for ease & pleasure.

We have all these ideas of what a good mom, wife, career women means and when we don’t make that mark, we compare, berate ourselves up, lose our motivation & deny ourselves what we really need.

Time to work on us.  Time to be in our Pleasure.  Time to Connect & Ground.  Time to feel alive.

When we show up to our lives, families, relationships & careers from this place…We show up SO much stronger, alive, in our radiance & from a place of empowerment.

Permission to show up & feel like you have no time.

Permission to show up & be messy about it.

Permission to say YES to YOU.

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