I’m Celebrating!

Can I celebrate with you for a second?

✨ I celebrate that I received my official email last week saying I am officially a Certified VITA S€x, Love & Relationship Coach!!

✨ I celebrate that I completed 650+ hours {honestly it was way over that…more like a 1000 hours} of studying, reading, learning, applying, watching, doing my own practices, and many practicums all submitted, done and approved to complete this certification!!!!

✨ I celebrate that I did most of it in a pandemic!

✨ I celebrate that when I didn’t hear back about my grad portfolio being accepted {I submitted it over 7 weeks ago} I didn’t give up and I continued to contact them in various ways.

✨ I celebrate this work is phenomenal and I found it so healing and grounding simply partaking and studying it all.

✨ I celebrate that I set up routines as to when I would do the studying part, when I did my practices, stayed on top of all the live calls, pre arranged my practicum partners and stuck to the schedule I created.

✨ I celebrate that the growth, the power, the deep knowing and full out trusting I have, all comes from this work

✨ I celebrate that I am so incredibly happy. This was so much work and I did it ALL!!

Now with this certification, I am a present, awake, turned-on, lit-up and confident woman who is connected to my truth, my power and the divine.

I am passionate about leading a life based on PLEASURE, FLOW, EASE & tapping into the divine feminine…aka p❤️ssy, as my power source.

I’m here to show you how to reclaim, reconnect and empower you to step into who you are and show up as your full authentic powerful self.

You’ve got one life to live. Live it to your fullest potential.

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