I want More!

So, I’ve been back for 2 weeks from NYC and I’ve needed this time to rest, sleep, lean in and digest my final Mastery – THE Final Mastery Intensive. 

I am so grateful that I was able to be a part of the incredible sisterhood and life changing, edge pushing program! Not once… but twice!

I have blown through so many walls and roadblocks that used to be all muddled up in my head and honestly, ruled my life and my thoughts day to day. 

These came from stories, conditioning & expectations from our families and others are from the culture that we currently live in. Many of these stories are never really are said, but are implied on how we are to live and act. 

I don’t want to live by anyone else’s “rules” anymore. I understand that the laws the law, and I respect that. This is not what I am speaking of here. 

I am talking about the unspoken, “never really said out loud rules” that all women are expected to adhere and live by. 

Unspoken rules of motherhood, rules of being a wife, rules of being a “good” girl, about being polite, about how to dress, how to act, how to behave, what you can talk about, what you shouldn’t talk about.  
Oh! the “Should’s”!  
Rules of what you should be doing…AAAAAHHHH!! 
It is exhausting just listing Some of the rules we live by. 

Well no more!
I want MORE than that!

And, I’m not afraid to say so anymore …more pleasure, more ecstasy, more sisterhood, more going higher, more community, more enlightenment, more of the divine feminine, more unpacking, more clearing out what does not serve me, more abundance, more radical self love, more intimacy, more connection, more passion, more following my own path, more manifestation, more embracing my own power, more YES’s, more LOVE!

There’s no going back now…the world needs this, our children need this, we need this. 

Who’s with me?!?!