I used to be in SO MUCH pain

I wrote a couple of weeks back about women experiencing SO much frustration during sex & self-pleasure.

They get in their head, avoid it completely, have pain in their sacral area, can’t orgasm the way they want, don’t enjoy sex at all, just go through the motions to get it over with & feel NUMB.

But today I want to talk about the pain specifically.

20 years ago, I gave birth to my first.  I ended up having a c-section because he was breach, but what happened after I wasn’t expecting.

I was in SO much hip, low back & sacral pain. Everything ached for months with “no apparent reason”.

I was told it was the c-section, the epidural, or just the rebalancing of my body.

I went for massage, chiro, osteo, pelvic therapy, acupuncture, naturopath, energetic modalities & more.

Nothing would hold.  Everything eased it a little but it came back almost immediately.

My practitioners were confused, didn’t know what else to do.

I had my doctor go over my health, my hormones, my thyroid. Everything was clear.

This just became my new norm for years & continued to get worse with each pregnancy.

I was in so much pain on a daily basis.

When I finally said yes to this work of diving into female empowerment, sensuality & sexuality…MY PAIN WENT AWAY.

I am not kidding you…within hours I was like “Holy crap, what is going on?”

Turns out…so much of my pain that I dealt with for 16 years was emotional.

Yes, there was some physical, but once that cleared up there were SO many layers of emotional pain that was still affecting me on a daily basis.

It’s almost like the physical brought on the emotional pain.

Like “Here I am, NOW DEAL WITH ME, please!”

My body was screaming at me to listen.  To heal.

Our bodies are way more brilliant that we give them credit for.  We just need to LISTEN.

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