Free Monthly Sexy-Back Salon Series!!

Are you…

Craving community.

Craving ritual.

Craving pleasure.

Craving grounding.

I have the most perfect, super juicy, nourishing solution for you!!

My FREE Monthly Sexy-Back Salon Series will be starting in January!

Why? Because Christmas sucked and you’d rather do this than lock yourself up in the bathroom crying.

You can expect…

πŸ’« Mindfulness

πŸ’« Embodiment Practices

πŸ’« Somatic Tools

πŸ’« Movement

πŸ’« Manifesting Made Easy

πŸ’« Tapping into Your Power

πŸ’« Healthy SΒ£xuality tips

πŸ’« Mom Boss Coping 

πŸ’« Boss Babe Hacks

πŸ’« Community

πŸ’« Sisterhood


I am so excited to be offering this incredible series and I can’t wait to see you all on January 13thΒ @ 7pm-8:30pm EST and then 2nd Monday of every month going forward.

Register yourself here and you’ll get all the details and zoom link for the FREE Sexy-Back Salon Series!