Free Monthly Sexy-Back Salon Series!!

Are you…

Craving community.

Craving ritual.

Craving pleasure.

Craving grounding.

I have the most perfect, super juicy, nourishing solution for you!!

My FREE Monthly Sexy-Back Salon Series will be starting in January!

Why? Because Christmas sucked and you’d rather do this than lock yourself up in the bathroom crying.

You can expect…

💫 Mindfulness

💫 Embodiment Practices

💫 Somatic Tools

💫 Movement

💫 Manifesting Made Easy

💫 Tapping into Your Power

💫 Healthy S£xuality tips

💫 Mom Boss Coping 

💫 Boss Babe Hacks

💫 Community

💫 Sisterhood


I am so excited to be offering this incredible series and I can’t wait to see you all on January 13th @ 7pm-8:30pm EST and then 2nd Monday of every month going forward.

Register yourself here and you’ll get all the details and zoom link for the FREE Sexy-Back Salon Series!