Feel Sexy, Confident, Alive & Clear

Have you slipped into caretaker, mom, wife, biz womxn, rona resenter mode and lost your sexy aka your pleasure, turn-on, excitement and joy?

Have you forgotten the last time you had fun, relaxed fully, self-pleasured or had s€x? Or maybe it’s so uncomfortable you wished you could forget?

Do you feel stuck, stressed, numb and want more for yourself? {and your relationship}

Work with me privately and I will share my top secrets for how I went from the miserable resentful wife and mom who was too tired to even hop in the shower to the mom who self-pleasures on the daily, teaches her kids how to be sexually liberated, has weekly tantra dates with her husband of 21 years and runs a successful coaching business using the power of my turn-on to fuel it all.

I’ll take you from the stressed out womxn who never makes time for herself, to feeling sexy, confident, alive & clear in your boundaries that feel good to you. Oh…and the power that comes from within…it is mind-blowing!

Work with me privately and I will share my top secrets for how I went from overworking, being exhausted, struggling to keep my business going, frustrated with everyone close to me woman who drowned her feelings in the wine each night to the grounded, trusting myself no matter what and showing up confidently in my power who is in my turn-on and pleasure every single day…even when it is a rough day…I know I’ve got this.

If you’d like to learn more, hop on a call with me and let talk!  No pressure. I’d really truly love these calls and helping every single woman {and couple} feel fully s€xually liberated so they can step into their full power, pleasure, and passion.

Enrollment is open for my private coaching. {women and couples}

Book a call with me to learn more and to see if working together feels aligned.