Do you allow yourself to feel Pleasure in your body?

The first thing many go to is sexual pleasure.  Yes that is a form of pleasure, but regular everyday pleasure is what I am talking about here.

Pleasure is SO important in our day to day & it isn’t always sexual.

Pleasure fuels us.

It is our super power.

It soothes our soul, our mind & our body.

It allows us to do the amazing things that we want to do.

When I think back to 2017 when I was first introduced to this concept, my first reaction was fear & resistance.

Like…oh my, what if they know or find out that I am having fun, enjoying myself & that I am in pleasure.

Like many of you, I had grown up with the unconscious belief that pleasure was not OK.

❌ It was for children only…not adults.

❌ It wasn’t acceptable.

❌ Wasn’t professional.

❌ They won’t take me seriously.

❌ Not what a mom should be doing.

❌ And it definitely shouldn’t be shared!

As I said, it was totally unconscious, but these unconscious beliefs kept me miserable without me even being aware of it.

💃 I learned very quickly how pleasure was my super power.

💃 It was my strength.

💃 It allowed me to FEEL

💃 It unlocked the rest of my body.

I learned to get out of my head & stay in my body, with my emotions on a daily basis & not run and hide from others.

It allowed me to heal all of my past wounding, continue to move into all of my emotions & release my past.

It enabled me to feel grounded & alive.

Pleasure is the first thing we work on in all of my coaching & programs.

As one of my mentors Regina Thomashauer said…

“Life without Pleasure, is like Saltines without the Salt”

It’s boring, its stale, it’s like eating cardboard, it’s blah.

It’s not empowering & it is NOT taking advantage of the incredible power that a womxn has available to her at her fingertips.

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