Do you allow yourself to Cry?

I used to get really upset if I started crying around people. I would actually say to myself “STOP IT, STOP IT, STOP IT”.

I was embarrassed of showing that kind of “weakness” & emotion, especially in-front of others.

When I reconnected with myself, I noticed that my emotions started to come to the surface. Only for little moments in the beginning.

One weekend, 6 weeks into a coaching program I was in, I ended up crying the entire weekend for no apparent reason.

Or so I thought.

I had been suppressing not only my grief but also all of my other emotions, including pleasure, joy, bliss, celebration…all of the good stuff.

And I didn’t even know it.

The deep emotions that I released ended up unlocking a whole range that I had been MISSING in my life until that point.

By embracing my dark emotions I was able to feel again.  I was able to stop feeling numb.

All of my highs were higher, my darker days turned into darker hours or simply minutes & dissipated much quicker than they used to.

Life become brighter & way more joyful.

We are emotional beings. If we suppress one emotion, we suppress them all. Unfortunately, many of us have been taught or we simply picked up that emotions need to be stuffed down & not shown.

But when we start to unlock what we have buried deep down, then we are able to heal.

Then we are able to LIVE.

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