A Daily Practice

I get asked often, why I use 6 months vs 3 months of coaching with my clients, so I wanted to share what the journey looks like.

First month, you’re excited! AND at the same time you’re like, holy shit!  You start to integrate, unpack and implement new amazing tools!

Second month, you’re like “Oh my gosh, this is so good!”  You feel amazing, wondering why you didn’t do this sooner!

Third month, you continue stretching, growing, healing and reclaiming yourself bit by bit. Seeing new ways you want to expand and coming up with new bigger desires.

Somewhere around the third month something comes up, triggers you, activates you. You may self-sabotage or have a contraction and you need the support to integrate and learn how to trust yourself again. This is all completely normal.

Fourth month, you settle your nervous system a little more and you continue with the growth path you’re on. This is when you can really start to question it all…what you were taught, how you were conditioned, and this is where some real anger and grief for what you have lost can come up.

Fifth month is where you start to really integrate everything you have been processing into your life, into your day to day. It all starts to come together. There still are some activations happening, but they don’t seem as huge and they don’t take you out, like they did before.

Sixth month, safety and worthiness starts to settle in your nervous system and you feel really good in your body and in your life.

And honestly that’s just the start, of living a present, grounded, turned on, pleasurable and fulfilled life.

It is a daily practice.

It’s not just something you do for six months and then, you’re done with it.

The tools and practices you learn become a part of your life.

You continue to use them and create the life you desire.

The same holds true for couples coaching.

The exact pattern varies for everyone, because everyone’s path is a little different.  And of course, it is!  We all have different lived experiences and lives. And various unexpected events often show up.

But this is where private coaching can help you even more. This is where you create the life you desire, in YOUR life.

If you’d like to see what working together would look like for you, hop on a call with me and let’s talk.