You want me to What?

For many, when this concept of Bragging & Celebrating is introduced makes most people cringe, judge, be jealous & start to compare.

But it’s only because we have be taught not to.

Men celebrate & brag all the time!  It’s a thing to celebrate for them. The bigger the better.

Women have been taught to whine & complain about how rough they have it and the rougher the better in women’s books.

It is time to change that paradigm.

What we celebrate & brag brings light to our accomplishments. It allow us to be in our pleasure and see how really fucking awesome we are. Cause we are!

Bragging along with Gratitude’s is one of the first things I teach my clients.

It allows us to expand & to ground.

It can rewire your brain.

Yes, it can feel yucky at first. But it is also a secret super power.

I invite you to give it a try for a couple of weeks.

You can brag self-care, a nap, a bath, a client…the list is endless. It is all fair game in bragging.

Jealousy of ones brags actually points us to what we desire most. And there is plenty in this world for us to desire more & even what others have.

Consider it another sign towards your largest desires.  You can even brag that you see your desire & you are going after it.

So brag with me!

If this freaks you out still…I encourage you to hop on a call with me & let’s talk.

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