1000’s of years of conditioning

Hey, it’s going to feel hard to invest in yourself, when…

You’ve been told, and your mom’s been told, and your grandma’s been told…

💥 To put everyone else first
💥 To be a good girl
💥 To be nice
💥 Don’t be/ask/say/want too much
💥 To make sure everyone has been taken care of
💥 Because that is what a good mom/wife/woman does.

This is 1000’s of years of conditioning.

It will feel uncomfortable.

But, if you slow down and listen, just for a few seconds, you’ll feel the pull, the yearning for more, the secret desire for something that you can not name.

Even if it is only to have a moment to yourself!
Or a glimpse at a little more fun in your day-to-day. 

Listen to it.

Coz it’s pretty f**king amazing when you lean in, listen to your body & follow your dreams and desires.

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