Yours to Explore

Your pleasure is yours to explore…yours to play with…yours to expand…yours to move and enjoy!!

Pleasure is delicious!

And it brings such a nourishing energy that supports you and your nervous system.

It can come by simply touching your arms lightly with your fingers, then your legs…running your hands through your hair, then slowly down your neck, across your breasts, your lower tummy…anywhere you desire.

Can you take a moment, wherever you are and start to gently caress your body?

Notice what you feel.

How it lights you up.

How it brings you right into the present moment.

How yummy it feels!

You could also notice that you don’t feel anything at all, however numbness is a sensation. Simply welcome it.

Or that it is really uncomfortable for you, possibly triggers some other emotions or reminds you of something you’d rather forget.

This is ALL welcome and ALL normal.

It is very common for ppl to feel nothing at all when they start to explore with their pleasure.

I find there are years of disconnection, numbness, shame and conditioning layered in our bodies for almost all of us.

I teach women {and couples} how to reconnect to their bodies, feel their pleasure and how to TURN-ON.

I have 2 spots open for 2 brilliant women {or couples} who desire to RECONNECT to their BODIES, to their TURN-ON & to their DESIRE in and out of the bedroom!!

Hop on a free call with me and let’s get you deeply supported and make your desires your reality!

This is for women who have been hiding erotic books in their nightside table or ebook and want to explore what a healthy s€xuality would look like!

This is for couples who have been feeling a little strain in the bedroom and want to deepen their connection, build deeper intimacy and have epic s€x again.

Hop on a free call with me and let’s chat…