My Signature Sexy Back Approach will help you overcome your obstacles & get you the results you are after. It is unique in that we work on both YOUR BODY & YOUR MIND simultaneously to uncover unconscious patterns that may be holding you back that you don’t even know about.

Together, we will take a journey that starts with pleasure, self-love, acceptance, uncover your true desires, take a deep dive into sensuality & sexuality while breaking free from societal taboos, introduce you to your inner bitch {you know she’s in there & she deserves to be heard}, create epic healthy boundaries, unleash your voice, learn how to start asking for what you really want, heal your inner child & help you find the strength to release your past and transform your future.

I support AND partner with you, taking a stand for all of your desires, reflecting back your blocks & unconscious patterns while creating a super safe & supportive space for you to grow & heal.

We work together online via video calls for Private Coaching & Group Coaching Programs.

What I Promise You

I promise to witness & hold space for you to simply be yourself. I promise to challenge you & support you in the ways needed to take you to the edge, so you may stretch, grow & take the leaps to get you to your desires. I offer TONS of accountability. AND I promise I will provide you with a 100% JUDGEMENT FREE ZONE.

Your Commitment Is To Yourself

Every woman deserves to know and to harness the power of who SHE is. It’s her divine right. It’s YOUR divine right.

Working together means I will hold you accountable to discovering WHO YOU ARE & learning what it means. Your role is to be open, to be honest, and to put your trust in yourself & trust in the journey.

Coaching is a partnership where we both co-create to get you to your desires. Whether you are desiring to feel sexy, confident, alive & free again, want to learn how to have the most epic orgasms, release pain, numbness & trauma or desire to create incredible intimacy in your relationships.

Everything is open, nothing scares me.

Hop on a free call with me & let’s see if we are a good fit.

Get Your Sexy Back is For You If…

~ You are tired of living a life that keeps you in the shadows…this is your time to find your truth, step out into the light, stand tall for everything you desire & shine.

~ You find yourself constantly in your head during every day tasks or in the bedroom…you want to learn how to turn off this inner critic for once and for all & enjoy the exquisite fulfilled life you’ve dreamed of.

~ You are scared that there isn’t a spot for you in the world & maybe this is all there is…this is your time to find it & claim it as yours & get back into the drivers seat of your life.

~ You are afraid of what people think of you & you are always judging yourself…this is your time to get rid of the constant chatter in your head, reconnect with your entire body & reclaim yourself and your future.

~ You feel like you don’t have control of your life & you feel like you are just going through the motions…this is your time to unapologetically take the reigns, stop playing small & step into your divine power.

~ You feel numb, unconnected to yourself and/or your partner…this is your time to increase your sensuality & intimacy with yourself while transforming your relationships.

~ You want MORE…this is your time to uncover your desires that are in alignment with your purpose & reclaim the life you love & desire.

What Will ~ Get Your Sexy Back ~ Do For You?

Get Your Sexy Back will help you become the empowered woman who isn’t afraid to go after what she wants. It will help you reconnect with yourself both; BODY & MIND in a way that will light you up and TURN YOU ON like never before.

It will transform you into the woman who you deserve to be. And she’s pretty F*cking Awesome.

Schedule a time to talk & find out if we are a good fit to work together. You’ve got a big journey ahead.