Reclaim Your Life, Body, and Relationships

Tantric S€x {aka Sacred S€xuality} has allowed me to reclaim my LIFE, my BODY, and my RELATIONSHIPS.

It has allowed me to heal and integrate my trauma, s€xual assault and ESPECIALLY societal and religious conditioning and fears that I held around my body, my s€xuality, my pleasure and who I am as a woman in this world.

It has allowed me to really truly LOVE my body…to stop hiding.

With incredible deep TRUST in myself & in my body, leaving me with this inner knowing that no matter what..I AM GOOD.




Which has given me the confidence go after my dreams and to show up as my unapologetic self.

It has given me this inner compass that knows ALWAYS what is best for me and my body.

It has reconnected me to my divine force…my goddess energy in me and in my p♥️ssy.

It has really helped deepen all of my relationships…with my kids, and my husband and with women.

Women who have got my back, who hold me when I can’t hold myself, who love me unconditionally.

It has taught me how to hold epic boundaries that honour me, to speak my truth and follow my purpose.

I know who I am, I have stopped doubting myself, stopped ppl pleasing and I live MY life….and I share it with everyone, family, friends, and all of you!

And this is all ON TOP of and ABOVE the incredible sensual and s€xual experiences including full body AND energetic O’s and out of this world pleasure.

{there is more, but I can’t share them here}

In my relationship, it has brought my husband and me closer, up-leveled our pleasure in huge ways, got us out of our heads and increased our intimacy and our communication in ways where we both feel heard, seen and loved.

Sacred S€xuality can be practiced solo and as a couple…this is what I offer in my private coaching.

Right now, my Private Couples Coaching is open, and I am offering free Couples Clarity Calls.


Great…message me to claim one of these calls and I’ll share all the details with you.

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