Pussifying My Life

A handful of years ago I started pussifying my life.

Infusing it with pleasure, creating epic boundaries, speaking my truth, learning how to trust my body, adding in delicious embodiment, ease, flow and sensuality.

It has been an incredible reclamation journey of stepping into my unapologetic authentic power, that I was craving for years.

Yet, I deeply desired to bring this pussification into my biz, but I had no clue how to integrate the two.

Fast forward 4 years…I’ve figured out how, I’ve integrated the wisdom of body, my intuition and my pleasure into my biz.

I’ve fully Pussified my entire life…my relationships, my parenting, my day-to-day…including my business.

I have 25+ years of entrepreneurship experience in a variety of businesses both online and in person.

I’m an organizational master, a pleasure & embodiment QUEEN and tech is just one of my many superpowers.

I am a Trauma Informed, Somatic Empowerment & S€xuality Coach, as well as a VITAβ„’ S€x, Love & Relationship Coach, Female S€xuality Coach, Tantric Coach and founder of Get Your Sexy Back.

I specialize in empowerment, confidence, creating trust and safety in our bodies and in our minds, self-love, pleasure, sensuality, business, intimacy with self and in relationships, as well as relationship transformation for couples, jade egg, tantra and sacred s€xuality.

I’ve studied extensively with Layla Martin (Vita/SLRC), Mama Gena (School of Womanly Arts), Sheila Kelly (S Factor), Bernadette Pleasant (Femme) and many other world-renowned leaders.

Plus, numerous programs specializing in Social Media, Launching, Biz Strategy, Marketing, Trauma Integration, Vagus Nerve Activation, Wealth, Lymphatics, Human Design and more. 

And now, I am offering to teach all of this to you!

In Pussify Your Biz, Body & Life.

A 4-month Private Coaching Container that will leave you feeling confident in your offers, turned on in your body, excited for what’s to come, with a nourishing, grounded, pussified body & soul aligned plan, that will attract clients to you and your biz with ease, pleasure and profit!

1400/month ~ only 4 spots open.

Check it out here and book a call with me to discuss if it is for you.